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Q4 Worldwide Prospecting Day

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WWPD Resources

All About Q4 WWPD

Let's finish out Q4 STRONG!

We are gearing up for Q4 WWPD. Are you ready?! 🔥


We have TONS of resources for you to make this prospecting day beyond your wildest dreams. And you have plenty opportunities to win big at our raffle - like Travis Kelce scoring T-Swift! 

  • Sales Plays: We’ve got you covered with Application Modernization, Generative AI, and cost optimization sales plays to help your prospects on their AWS cloud journey (all available on marketplace, too!)

  • Need AWS Certified technical expertise on-demand? We’ve got Ryan Ries, Gen AI, Data, Analytics, & Machine Learning practice lead & Lance Allen, Sr. Solutions Architect available when you need them. Let prospects pick their brains - here are their Calendly links:

  • Point your prospects to a webinar: Want to connect with your prospects ahead of time? Invite them to our upcoming livestream event - "Ask Us Anything: The Spooky Side of Cloud Costs"

  • Cloud Advisors (CAs): Need some manpower? Leverage our cloud advisor team. They’re available any time to accelerate your prospecting.

Let your Mission Cloud Account Executive know if you have any questions. Now, let’s retire those quotas! 💥


PS., we are hosting the following events:

  • At HQ1, pizza, appetizers, and happy hour at Rocco's Pizza, 5:00PM - 7:30PM PT
  • At HQ2, happy hour at Potomac Social Tavern, 4:30PM ET

And, if you haven't already guessed by all the references above, it's Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce theme. 😎 But don't worry - if you're not a Swiftie or a Kansas City Chiefs fan, we'll still have a great prospecting day!